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Nepal… Wow!

To everyone who prayed or gave to help us go to Nepal – we cannot thank you enough for being a part of making Converge Nepal a huge success! In total, 150,141 people called on the Name of Jesus, and made Him their Lord and Savior. Together, we brought transformation to a nation and only Heaven knows how many lives were forever changed!


A Trip Full of Favor
It’s hard to put into words how incredible our time in Nepal was. We saw God’s favor in so many different areas, as we planned and prepared for a trip unlike anything we’ve every done before. A typical Global Ventures trip takes place in primarily 1 region of a country, working with 1-10 churches, taking 50+ team members who minister over the span of 7-10 days.

In Nepal, we had 117 team members from across the world join us for 18 days of ministry across 8 different regions of Nepal. We worked with over 300 different churches. We were able to minister to the natural needs of those suffering from after effects of the recent earthquake.


Amazing Miracles
Amazing miracles took place everyday we were in Nepal. One miracle we saw was a woman names Bataso. She hadn’t been able to walk without pain for 5 years, and would often fall down because of the pain. She had taken every kind of pain medicine but nothing helped.

Jesus healed her at one of our night festivals, and she was able to walk with absolutely no pain! She is just 1 of the 466 miracles Jesus did in Nepal.



IMG_1750Incredible Opportunity
For the first time ever I had the opportunity to lead 2 Children’s
Festivals, and it was incredible! We played games, gave away prizes, and told the simple Gospel with help from different characters. All together we saw over 2,570 children and adults make Jesus the Lord of their life! It was one of those moments that makes me so thankful to be trained under such exceptional leaders and soul winners, John & Martine Smithwick. I’m so blessed to get to do what I do with Global Ventures – preach the Gospel, and travel the world.


IMG_1869Marriage and Missions
It was wonderful to have my husband, Caleb, with me in Nepal! I really enjoyed watching him connect with the people we met, both on our team, and those we ministered to. He was such a natural!
At each site he would introduce himself by saying “My name is Caleb, and I love to play the guitar!” The kids loved it and would start cheering! At one school, the principle ended up bringing a guitar out for Caleb to play! It was hilarious!

Thank you again for all of your prayers and support! We could not have made as much of an impact without you!

Now, on to the next trip!



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