Every Love Story is Beautiful, but Ours is My Favorite.

During our 6 month engagement, Caleb and I were both asked the same question multiple times… “How did you meet?!” After being asked this question so many times we decided to write it down for the world to read. : )

Now after being married almost 6 months (OMG!) I enjoy reading back over our love story, and seeing what God did to bring us together. I know if the Lord put this much effort into getting us together, He definitely has big plans for our future!

Here is the story of Caleb & Anna Howard. Written by Caleb.  Enjoy!


Anna and Caleb’s wedding was once thought impossible! There was a time when Anna didn’t want to spend any time with Caleb. He didn’t make it any easier sending her texts asking to hang out. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning:

Anna and Caleb were both working at Texas Roadhouse at the time. They were ending their shift and talking, like work friends do, when Caleb noticed how beautiful Anna was. He decided that before he left he would let her know how he felt. That of course led to some innocent flirting. It wasn’t long after that they had their first date. They had a great time! Anna’s cheeks hurt from laughing so much. Caleb & Anna continued to spend time together by going out to dinner, late night Sonic runs after work, talking about their mutual love for the Lord, and laughing.. A LOT!

Now here comes the sad part: a couple months later Caleb broke up with Anna! What!?!? I know! I thought the same thing…fool. Well, let’s consider Caleb’s decision. See, Caleb was recently divorced. He could tell that he and Anna had something special but he knew that he had to take time to heal from his divorce in order for him to have a healthy future relationship. His decision was based out of necessity not desire. He knew he was letting an incredible woman go but he had to make the best decision for himself.

The two went their separate ways. A couple years went by, but not without the Anna receiving random texts from Caleb to see how she was and to see if she’d want to get together to catch up. She obliged him twice. She was so kind. They would meet to catch up but it would always leave Caleb wanting more. Anna wasn’t ready for more and neither was Caleb, unbeknownst to him. So, they would part ways until the next time.

Caleb never thought that Anna would be into him again so decided to lay it down at the Lord’s feet. He determined that if anything was ever going to happen between them that Anna would have to call him. A bit risky if you ask me. They dated different people with no luck. (Well, duh!) Caleb compared the people he dated to Anna. No one came close. Anna wasn’t too pleased with her dating life either. No one really meet the mark.

2 years after Caleb and Anna split ways, God answered Caleb’s prayer for a new chance at love and Anna’s prayer for God’s will for her life. They can both tell you that they were “hooked up” by God.

On August 23, 2014 at 9:24 pm Caleb received a text from Anna checking in on him. He was in utter shock! They texted back and forth the following day and determined that Caleb still owed Anna a “proper date.” As you can imagine Caleb was beside himself. After the shock wore off he started planning their date. He wanted to make it as special and as memorable as possible so he set to making the plans.

August 29th finally arrived! This was the second chance he’d been waiting for! His checklist was complete: a fresh haircut, beard trim, shave, a new dress shirt, and a clean truck (which was rare). He felt like he had to impress her because she was taking a second look at him and he wanted her to like it.

He got to her apartment about 15 minutes early and his nerves were going crazy so he parked and listen to One Republic’s “All This Time” (several times). That song described perfectly, to him, what was happening between them. As he walked up his favorite 19 steps he couldn’t believe that he was about to pick up Anna Joy LaRoe for a REAL date. She opened the door and looked just as beautiful as ever! They proceeded to have a wonderful night: a delicious dinner at Tallgrass Prairie followed by dessert at Mod’s. It was 8:30 and he had only made plans for dinner and dessert. They were not ready for this night to end so they drove around downtown Tulsa making more plans. They ended up going to Dave & Buster’s. They played games for about 45 minutes but before they left Caleb made sure they visited the photo booth. He thought that he’d have a better chance at future dates if she could see and remember how much fun they had together.

Well, it worked! Before she got out of Caleb’s truck he told her how much he enjoyed their night and hoped that they could go out again. Anna agreed! It was a miracle that Caleb got one proper date and she just agreed to a second! Caleb was on cloud 9!

There were, of course, several more dates to follow. There’s the one where Caleb smashed his thumb in the door and yelled, “Sweet Jesus!” That was the night the “dukey” joke started. The Phoenix Café became their place. There was the Turkey Mountain experience, Jaden’s (Anna’s little brother) football games, and their Target adventures. Oh, and let’s not forget their first kiss! Things were going great for them! They were falling in love!


There is one date however that I’d like to highlight: their first movie date. They enjoyed a delicious sushi dinner then headed to Caleb’s house. The movie was “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” (One of Anna’s favorites) Caleb had written a song for Anna called “The One” and accidentally told her about it on one of their previous dates. Well, as many of you know it is near impossible to keep a secret from Anna. So, after some questioning from Anna, he decided to sing it for her. After he sang her the song he felt like he had just proposed to her. But that would come later. It was the next night however that they confessed their love for each other. It came as a bit of a shock to them that the first “I love you” came early in their relationship but they knew it was true.

There is a part in Caleb’s song “The One” that reads, “You’re the one that I want to come home to, you’re the one I want right by my side, and you’re the one that I want to grow old with…” There is no doubt in Caleb’s mind that Anna is his dream girl! The next step in their relationship came easily and naturally: the engagement.


Engagements these days can prove challenging. There are so many impressive proposals on social media that Caleb was feeling the pressure. Well, instead of trying to outdo the latest proposal rave he decided to make the proposal unique to them. With the help of some friends he pulled of what Anna refers to as the perfect proposal. She was caught by surprise until they arrived at the red phone booth where they had their first kiss and saw Caleb’s guitar, flowers, and a photographer. It was beautiful, just look at the pictures! As he was singing to Anna she said, “Are you going to sing the whole thing?” He wrapped it up and went for the ring. On one knee he made the sweetest proposal to her saying that he would be honored if she would be his wife. She said, “Yes!” This was a perfect moment unfolding at the perfect time.


A loving Savior and a beautiful road led these two together. Their love is pure and true. Their commitment to each other is just that, a commitment. The way that Anna and Caleb were brought together proves that they are meant for each other. They believe they were fated to be together. Their relationship proves that they are perfect for each other. They will both tell you that the other exceeds their expectations. It’s been said that life is an adventure. Well, these two decided to adventure together. No matter what their adventure looks like I believe that Anna and Caleb will adventure to the end and on into eternity.



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