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Ministering to our Neighbors – Quebec, Canada


1% Christian  |  Population: 8.2 Million  |  Language: French

I’m excited to share about my upcoming trip to Quebec, Canada! This will be my second time to Quebec. My last trip was in 2011 when I was a part of a church camp ministry team with Global Ventures.


Global Ventures has long been connected to Québec through its founders John and Martine Smithwick. The Smithwicks have ministered in Québec many times over the years, and Martine was born and raised in Canada.

This trip will be like no other. The Global Ventures team and myself are tailoring our ministry approach to western culture, and designing a program to foster lasting relationships between local churches and new believers. Our ministry here will be heavily focused on festivals and activities to bring the families of the community together.We look forward to giving you an exciting report after the trip!

You are a crucial part of making this upcoming trip possible!
Please prayerfully consider getting financially involved with our upcoming trips. We believe that there will be many new believers added to the kingdom as a result of your partnership. 

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