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Tulsa Coffee Shop Adventures

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A few months ago Caleb and I decided to go on a little adventure… a coffee adventure! Ok, honestly, this was mainly my idea due to the fact that Caleb doesn’t like coffee (I know, crazy!). But because he’s a fantastic husband and a fan of Chai tea, he decided to join me.

To start our adventure, we just googled “Tulsa Coffee Shops” and our list developed as friends told us about their favorite coffee shops. So, over the past few months we visited 10 coffee shops in the Tulsa area.

Here is our list of coffee shops, and our thoughts about each one. Enjoy! :)

SIDE NOTE: Neither Caleb or myself are coffee guru’s, so the quality of the beans, where they were roasted, how they were brewed, and all of that fancy stuff, was not taken into consideration when visiting each place. We went simply off of taste, atmosphere, and customer service.

1. Foolish Things CoffeeIMG_2557

Foolish Things is a cool place! We really liked the industrial look with the brick and wood throughout the whole place. The barista was nice and the drinks were delicious!

Caleb had a Chai tea latte and I had a Vanilla latte with almond milk.

It was a little crowded when we went (Friday Afternoon) but other than that, we had a great experience and would consider going back.

2. Chimera

IMG_2600Chimera is a fire-breathing she-monster in Greek mythology having a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail. It’s also a coffee shop in Tulsa, OK.

It is surrounded by a lot of really cool places down in the Brady District, so it instantly had that cool coffee shop kinda vibe (you know what I’m talking about.) The Barista was really sweet and took the time to explain the different drinks.

Caleb had the Chai tea latte with a Chimera design on top. I had the Cortado, which is espresso and warm milk. Both drinks were delicious!

3. Topeca Coffee

Topeca is the coffee shop I liked the most! It is located in the Mayo Hotel downtown, and can be a little tricky to get to because of limited parking and one-way streets. All that aside, it was the best vanilla latte I’ve ever had! The Barista was really nice too!

Caleb got the Chai tea latte (surprise!) and I got the vanilla latte with almond milk. Both were excellent!

We really like how many comfortable places there are to sit, and the peaceful atmosphere. We were able to relax and enjoy ourselves without feeling like we were competing for elbow space. We’ll definitely be back to Topeca!

4. Gypsy Coffee HouseIMG_2691

Gypsy Coffee House was refreshingly different from the other coffee shops we’ve been to. The atmosphere is a little hard to explain, but it made me think of renaissance festivals and essential oils. Yeah, that’s the best I got. ;) The Batista’s were AWESOME!

Caleb ordered a Chai tea latte (He’s consistent.) I was feeling a bit adventurous and ordered a toasted marshmallow latte. Both were pretty good, but not our favorite.

We had a good time at Gypsy, but we won’t be frequent guests in the future.

5. 918 CoffeeImage-5

918 Coffee was definitely a favorite of ours.The Barista was nice, but not super helpful. We really liked that they had a sitting area outside that wasn’t super crowded. The also have plenty of places to sit inside, but it was busy when we got there, so it was nice to have a second option.

Caleb had THE BEST Chai tea latte ever! He compared all the rest to this Chai, and all other paled in comparison. I tried their cold brew and vanilla latte, both were delicious!

We’ll definitely be back to 918 Coffee!

6. Hodges BendIMG_2778

Technically, we’ve been to Hodges bend, but not for coffee. Caleb purposed to me at a special place across the street, and we had a group of ladies watching from inside Hodges Bend. After I said “Yes!” they came outside and starting cheering, it was awesome! We took some of our engagement pictures inside- see above, but never tried the coffee.

Caleb had the usual, and I had a dirty chai tea latte. Both were delicious. The service was great!

It was great to relive memories from the day we got engaged, but other than the nostalgia, it wasn’t our favorite.

7. Cafe Cubana IMG_2813

We’ve driven past Cafe Cubana quite a few times, but never realized it was a coffee shop. I’m so glad we realized it and gave it a try. It wasn’t busy at all, which was nice for us. We sat by the window on a rainy day and enjoyed some coffee like natural born hipsters. – just kidding ;)

Caleb had a black coffee. JUST KIDDING! He had a chai tea latte, and I had a Cafe con Leche. Both were yummy! And the Barista was great.

We’ll probably make another stop by Cafe Cubana at some point.

8. Coffee House on Cherry Street (Chocs)

Cherry Street is a really cool place in Tulsa. There’s a lot of cool places to eat and get coffee. We decided to go to the Farmers Market on a Saturday and made a quick stop by The Coffee on Cherry Street. IT WAS PACKED! But the Barista was still super nice, and the drinks were delicious.

Caleb decided to skip the Chai today, so I enjoyed his company while sipping on an iced vanilla latte with almond milk. – Can’t go wrong with that!

We’ll have to try Chocs on a different day. It’s hard to get a feel for a place when it’s that busy.

9. All about ChaIMG_2924

All about Cha is a really unique coffee shop. It has a TON of drink options, many of them are Korea style teas, which is cool. They also have a lot of food options including some delicious deserts. We went to this one with a couple friends and had a great time!

Unfortunately, they didn’t have Chai tea, so Caleb passed on getting coffee here. I mixed things up and tried a mocha frozen drink. It was good, but I wouldn’t get it again.

Overal this wasn’t our favorite coffee shop, but we did like it for the atmosphere and food. If you like tea, you would definitely enjoy this place!

10. The PhoenixPheonix

We’ve been to The Phoenix a handful of times and each time we really enjoy it. After all of our coffee shop visits, we consider The Phoenix our  ole’ faithful coffee shop. Because of that, I had to add it to the list. :)

This is the place that made Caleb so fond of Chai tea lattes, and I don’t blame him. Every time we go I get a dirty chai tea latte with almond milk. It’s like Christmas in a cup!

Well, thanks for joining us on this adventure to find Tulsa’s best coffee shop. I think it’s safe to say that there are a lot of great options. There are at least 3 more that I know of that didn’t make our list.

Do you know of any great places to get coffee in Tulsa? We’d love to hear about your favorite place! Comment below, who knows… this adventure may not be over yet!




One thought on “Tulsa Coffee Shop Adventures

  1. Hi! This is your aunt! I have noticed your consistent option of almond milk. What has made you choose almond milk? I like to blog too, and now you have me inspired to talk about my coffee experiences. Though where I live, there aren’t nearly as many options, there are some cool ones as well.


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