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Stories From the Field

Stories from the Field

Hey, I’m back!

I hope everyone had a great summer!

The Global Ventures team is officially back from a full summer of trips and I’m excited to tell you about the trips I was a part of.

Going into this summer, I was so excited to return to Peru and Quebec. In the northern part of Peru, in the city of Cajamarca, we shared the Gospel in schools, markets and held 5 nights of festivals. We also had the opportunity to help destitute villages in the mountain region of Cajamarca with our clean water project. As we handed out the water purification systems some of the villagers were shocked that they would no longer have to boil their drinking water every day. This also helped open their hearts to hear the Gospel message we shared. They received both natural & living water that day!

Going to Quebec seemed almost like taking a trip to another state in the U.S.A. We knew going into it that in order to reach the modern culture we needed to be very creative. We found popular local entertainers that easily drew a crowd. We had face painters, balloon animals, bounce houses, free food & drinks and the best clown in the whole world – me! (just kidding.)  We shared the Gospel in a fun and relevant way by using different characters to explain each  aspect of the message. It was a huge success and we saw over 1,000 salvations in 5 days of ministry.

We served alongside many great pastors and their church members in both Peru and Quebec. We have already received word back that follow-up is being done and many new believers have been added to the churches. It’s encouraging to know that the work is continuing to be done even though we are not there.

Top stories from this summer


My team went to a hospital in Peru and shared the Gospel with some of the patients. This is Jane, she was suffering with flu like symptom for 3 days. When we prayed for her, she began to sweat and all of her aches and pains left her body. Before we left we went back to her room to see her packing up her things and getting ready to head home!!

In Peru, my team shared the Gospel, prayed for, and gave out water filters to over 20 family. They were all shocked that they wouldn’t have to boil their water before drinking it anymore. These were some of the sweetest people we met in Peru



In Quebec, I was “Bubbles,” one of the clowns, at each of our festivals. “Captain Jack Sparrow” preformed and we had face painting, blow-up bouncy houses, and prize give-aways. We had so much fun each night!


This year, Quebec has welcomed over 2,800 Syrian refugees. We were thrilled that some of those refugees came to our festivals and many of them ask Jesus to be their Lord!  It was hard for me not to tear up as they began to come up to take pictures with us. It’s incredible that we went to Quebec and were able to touch Syria at the same time. God is so good!



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