Global Ventures


I have been with Global Ventures since 2009. I went on my first missions trip to Cambodia in June of 2009 and then moved to Oklahoma to do the GV Internship in September of that same year. I now have the privledge of being full time as the GV Internship Director. I love being a part of all that GV does both here in the U.S.A and aroung the world.

Global Ventures began in 2002 with the vision of taking everyday people to the lost and hurting around the world. Since then, we have taken more than a thousand people from all over North America on over 59 mission trips to over 22 different countries.

During a Global Ventures trip, you will experience hands-on ministry through children’s outreaches, street evangelism, and evening festivals. You will also be a part of bringing hope and healing to various regions of the world as you venture into places where few others dare to go.

In the evening festivals you will experience the power of God as people are saved, healed, set free, and many lives are forever changed. These trips are designed to not only take Jesus to the world, but also to reveal to you the true Heart of God as you fulfill the Great Commission with us.

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